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Shifting from one foot to another, the girl listened to his words with apt attention.  It was no secret that his words shocked her greatly; war and bloodshed were topics that shook the gentle girl’s heart to the core every time.  It was further aggravated by the mentioning of taking his brother’s arm - what did he mean by that?  Surely Scar wasn’t speaking literally, was he?  But from the sounds of things…

“…” Cait fought for an answer to give him.  How would he react to a confession that she, a student of Amestrian alchemy, dreamed of becoming a state alchemist?

And dare she want such a dream when it came with such tarnish?

“Vengeance.”  It was the only word the girl could come up with at the moment.  “Vengeance….”

She was nervous, openly so, and didn’t bother to hide it- it didn’t seem like it was too painfully personal to even think about to her, but still, she seemed relatively normal enough. Most people didn’t want to hear about it. He wasn’t most people, and he could never have the option to put it out of his head the way people unaffected by the war were, but he ….didn’t see it exactly the way most would assume. It coursed through his mind every day, different aspects and cut-up memories, vague concepts and words and senses, that he could never entirely eradicate from his head but sometimes he could not entirely recall them in order the way memories were supposed to work but nothing worked the way it was meant to. 

That, he could deal with, that he would live with.She seemed as if she could tell.

"What do you know of vengeance?" he asked under his breath, looking at the sky, deep in thought, the way she was.

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It wasn’t often that Emilianna wondered around at night. However, she couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t just that day, either, the past few nights insomnia had set in. She shrugged it off as not being used to the city, and just laying around home had become too boring.

The alchemist stopped for a minute, taking out her pocket watch to check the time. She felt someones presence, however, and looked up.looking around, her eyes came to rest on a male who was standing slightly in the shadows, not far from herself. She couldn’t quite tell, but he seemed to be looking in her direction.

After putting her watch back, she asked a little bluntly, “Do you need something?”

"Me…" he thought aloud, wondering what she’d do if, he for some reason, told her.In the streetlight he could see, to his  extremely concealed surprise, that she had the coloring of an Ishvalan.

His eyes shot wide open the minute he saw the pocketwatch in her hand, he assumed, or wanted to , that she had stolen it off of a State Alchemist….but upon closer examination he determined she was one, even after all they’d done…

He stepped forward, his face visible to her. “I would like to know why you became one of them.”

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